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CEO Chris Anderson presenting BIM capabilities at 3DR offices In advance of a new product announcement scheduled for today, Chris Anderson, CEO of 3DR, hosted a media event yesterday in which he provided an overview of 3DR’s primary focus going forward, performed a demonstration of capability, and fielded questions.... Read more
Will Taser Stun Drones Fly With Police?
WikiCommons The now-famous cry “don’t tase me, Bro” may someday be shouted into the heavens at indifferent drones. Taser, a company synonymous with police stun guns, discussed arming drones with its electrifying products at the International Association of Chiefs of Police in San Diego earlier this month. According to the Wall... Read more
How and Where to Invest in the Drone Industry
wp-image-42946″ src=”×574.jpg” alt=”invest in drone industry” width=”336″ height=”188″ srcset=”//×574.jpg 1024w, //×168.jpg 300w, //×431.jpg 768w, // 1280w” sizes=”(max-width: 336px) 100vw, 336px”/>Drones are big business.  Regardless of how you slice the research, the drone market is projected to be worth billions in the next five years, with a compound annual growth... Read more
Guest post by Lynette Farinas, Nvidia— Flight and robotics have always been Marc Gyongyosi’s biggest passions. At age 15, he built a flight simulator modeled after a Boeing 737. Four years later, he joined BMW’s Advanced Robotics R&D department in Munich. Now the college senior is founder of a... Read more
As the drone industry matures, drone manufacturers rush to partner with other technology companies: leveraging new products in order to provide more functionality, new solutions, or an entree into a new vertical.   These 5 recent partnerships could provide their players with a critical edge in the industry, and up the pace of... Read more
Guest post by Kay Wackwitz, Drone Industry Insights — Old and new leader of the drone company ranking is DJI (▷1). The Chinese platform manufacturer remains expanding both company portfolio and market presence. Toy manufacturer Parrot (▷2) defends rank two with solid distance to the newcomer Xiaomi on rank... Read more
—  Sponsored by MMC As a follow-up to a recent trip to MMC’s new production and offices in Boa’an Shenzhen China, I wanted to understand the reasons why Chinese companies are so dominant in the manufacturing portion of the drone industry and does that help Chinese drone manufactures to... Read more
YI Technology, a Chinese company with a track record in the design and manufacture of action cameras, is looking to expand their brand and better serve their customers with the launch of a drone that promises to be very fast and have a better than average flight time. Like... Read more
PrecisionHawk’s LATAS delivers an innovative air traffic control system for drones, but it’s one of several that depends on the not-so-imminent success of all aircraft using ADS-B. QuickTake THE FACTS: This past week, the FAA granted PrecisionHawk a waiver from Part 107.31’s visual line of sight (VLOS) limitations, which... Read more
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