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DJI has long sought to establish an unassailable position as the go-to drone manufacturer for professional cinematographers. On top of a number of drones designed for filmmakers and video professionals, the Chinese manufacturer has now launched DJI Pro, a new website dedicated to supporting its growing customer base of aerial creatives.

It all arguably started in 2014 with the introduction of the Z15 three-axis aerial gimbal and the Inspire 1. Ever since, DJI’s drones and latterly other camera products have grown more advanced. The range of accessories has ballooned and the ease of use of all has made adopting the company’s technology a no-brainer for creatives.

The new DJI Pro website aims to solidify that commitment, with stories from behind the scenes of professional shoots, access to exclusive events and tips for aerial photographers.

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A home for DJI’s professional products

Navigating the current DJI website and finding the company’s professional products isn’t especially difficult, but with a growing number of customers purchasing products and searching for information purely with professional work in mind, it makes sense to build greater separation different customers. Even though the line between them can be blurry at times.

“Since the creation of the first Phantom to the Inspire and Ronin series, DJI has been dedicated to creating intuitive tools for every level of filmmaker,” said Ti Xie, Public Relations Director at DJI.

“With the launch of the DJI Pro website, we now have a dedicated location where customers can learn about the application of our professional products and we also provide a learning-based platform for users to receive the latest information. We will continue to make more reliable, industry-leading tools for our growing customer base.”

DJI Pro is being launched for professionals using (or thinking of using) DJI’s advanced aerial and gimbal technologies, which include the Inspire and the Ronin series. The new site consists of five categories.

The first is product information, where potential buyers can explore DJI products and check out their specifications. Second is DJI’s Masters Program, which launched earlier this year to highlight the work and experience with DJI products of established names in cinematography.

Then there’s Showcase, which will offer details and insights on how DJI products are being used on film sets around the world.

The Education section provides tutorials and setup tips for each professional DJI product, while Events gives users access to DJI, local events, professional workshops and more.

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