Agras Spraying Drones – DRONELIFE

Drones are a major tool for agriculture, recognized by the World Bank and advocacy organizations around the world as a way of securing the global food supply.  In Asian countries and elsewhere, spraying drones are widely used to apply fertilizer, pesticides and other products for more efficient farming.  How are …

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Automated BVLOS Flight and Docking Stations

At DJI AirWorks today, FlytBase Director of Business Development discussed 5 steps to ensuring that enterprise companies are ready to apply for permission to fly automated BVLOS operations with a docking station. FlytBase provides the FlytNow cloud-based software for the automation of routine missions using docking stations – a box. …

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DJI Future of Possible Continues AirWorks 2022

In Las Vegas this morning, the AirWorks 2022 Keynote speaker Grant Hosticka discussed what’s next for the world’s biggest drone manufacturer.  DJI “Future of Possible” is focused on the next big steps for the commercial drone industry – automation and flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) with DJI’s newest …

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