Industrial Application Gathers Footage of Dead Sea

Israel’s Percepto has emerged as a global market leader for autonomous industrial drone systems with their drone-in-a-box solution.  A proven safety record and their sophisticated technology have enabled Percepto customers to receive many waivers to fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) – and today, Percepto announced that they’ve been granted a BVLOS waiver to fly at the ICL Dead Sea site in Israel.  The application is industrial – but the amazing drone video of the Dead Sea resulting from the project is fascinating for any

The BVLOS waiver granted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel enables ICL Dead Sea – a speciality potash, mineral and chemicals company – to use Percepto’s drone-in-a-box solution (DIB) “to carry out inspection, safety and security missions at its operations at the Dead Sea site,” says a Percepto press release.

Several of  Percepto’s global customers have received a waiver for flight BVLOS, which allows them to fly truly autonomous missions. “With no pilot or outside observer required to maintain line of sight, a single operator located in the control room can easily manage and monitor pre-scheduled fully autonomous drone missions,” says the release. “These missions include routine maintenance and thorough inspections of infrastructure, equipment, site and environment for anomaly detection, analysis of trends, and insight-led business decision-making.”  This year, Percepto customer Florida Power and Light, a major power company, was authorized by the FAA in the U.S. to fly Percepto’s drones BVLOS within a range of up to two miles for disaster response during a record-breaking storm season.

amazing drone video“ICL Dead Sea is proud to be the first Israeli company to benefit from this kind of waiver which enables us to monitor and secure our site in the most efficient and safe way possible. It is part of our commitment to integrate the latest technologies into our business and then deploy these innovations internationally for the most streamlined and cost efficient business practices.” Said Shay Hen, ICL Dead Sea Drone Program Manager.

CEO of Percepto, Dor Abuhasira, states: “The ability to fly autonomous drones BVLoS enables organizations to increase the frequency of their inspections, especially in remote, vast and inhospitable environments. A single operator can manage a wide and diverse range of missions using one familiar secure online interface, from anywhere.” This has become a pertinent issue as the COVID-19 pandemic continues as Dor explains: “If travel restrictions or ill-health prevents workers who carry out inspections from being on site, it can quickly impact productivity, safety and security. Percepto drones can ensure essential inspection works continue uninterrupted around the clock.”

Check out this amazing drone video of the lowest place on earth.

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