Australian government has over 3100 DJI drones

Securing the Skies: Australian Government Concerns over DJI Drones


The Australian government has been making significant strides in utilizing advanced technologies to enhance various operations. One such technology is the use of DJI drones, with the federal government acquiring over 3100 of these unmanned aerial vehicles. Interestingly, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) houses more than half of this extensive drone fleet, demonstrating the scale of their adoption within the government’s operations.

Unveiling the Audit: Revealing the Drone Numbers

In a recent “audit” of drone numbers conducted by Senator James Paterson, questions were raised to government agencies regarding their drone usage. The audit uncovered a total of 3114 operational drones. However, it is worth noting that several agencies chose not to disclose their usage or numbers, leaving room for the possibility that the actual count may be even higher. Nevertheless, some ballpark figures have provided insights into the extent of drone deployment in various sectors.

Security Concerns: Home Affairs and Defence Take Action

The concerns regarding the use of DJI drones and their potential security risks have caught the attention of Senator Paterson. In response to his inquiries, Home Affairs and Defence took a precautionary measure and suspended their use of DJI drones. This move reflects the seriousness of the government’s commitment to ensuring national security.

The Chinese Connection: CCTV Cameras and Restrictions

Senator Paterson’s concerns extended beyond DJI drones to include Chinese-made CCTV cameras. These cameras have faced restrictions in the United States due to security reasons. Given the rising tensions in the digital landscape, the Australian government recognizes the importance of evaluating and mitigating potential risks associated with technologies originating from authoritarian countries.

Urgent Action Required: Grounding the DJI Drone Fleets

To address the security concerns, Senator Paterson has called for an urgent government-wide grounding of all DJI drone fleets. This measure aims to assess and mitigate potential risks while ensuring the safety and security of critical operations carried out by the Australian government. The senator emphasizes the need for a systematic, robust, and proactive model that can identify and address potential threats effectively.

Establishing a Security Assessment Office: Strengthening National Security

To enhance the government’s capability in assessing security threats from high-risk technologies, Senator Paterson proposes the establishment of a dedicated office within the Department of Home Affairs. This office would have the responsibility of mapping and removing problematic technology already embedded in government systems. Additionally, it would assess emerging technologies before their deployment to ensure appropriate mitigations are in place.

Expanding the Grounding/Suspension: Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure

Senator Paterson suggests extending drone use suspension beyond the Australian government to critical infrastructure sectors, aligning with cybersecurity efforts and laws. This fortifies protection against potential security risks from DJI drones. Australian government’s concerns highlight the crucial link between technology and national security. Leveraging advanced tech while safeguarding national interests is paramount. Grounding, security assessment office, and extending measures show commitment to high-security standards. Addressing threats and enhancing protocols ensure safe skies.

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