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Hydrogen Power Drones Op-Ed Heven Drones

Battery or power source technology issues remain problematic for the drone industry.  Commonly used Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries limit flight endurance, can be expensive to purchase and maintain, and can be dangerous when handled incorrectly.  Additionally, LiPo batteries can be subject to supply chain disruptions and price variations.  In this …

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Watts Innovations PRISM Lite – DRONELIFE

Watts Innovations keeps something of a low profile – but industry insiders know that the Huntsville, MD-based company engineers and manufactures exceptionally high quality, heavy lift drones designed for both pilot and end user. Continue reading below, or listen: Watts Innovations designed the platform used for Walmart’s retail drone delivery …

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Xponential Keynote FAA Administrator Drone Regs

At AUVSI’s Xponential Conference in Denver today: the keynote address from Acting FAA Administrator Billy Nolen on what the next year holds for drone industry regulations. Continue reading below, or listen: Acting FAA Administrator Billy Nolen announced last month that he would be leaving the position this summer.  President Biden’s …

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