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Kittyhawk Shares Insights on Most Popular Drone Models

As a part of Kittyhawk’s new Insights collection, the staff is delving into knowledge from three years of drone flights utilizing its platform to attempt to work out what “normal” appears to be like like. Information from single pilots, large-scale enterprises and every thing in between is being sifted via …

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DJI Summer Sale: Offers on Drones and Accessories

DJI has launched a summer time sale with reductions and free equipment throughout its client product line.  DJI hasn’t launched a brand new product within the three months since information of the Spark broke: mainly a drought in terms of the Chinese producer. If you’re eagerly anticipating the Mavic Pro 2 …

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Mavic Pro Delay: Shipping Starts But Has the Damage Been Done?

When target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”>DJI launched its new foldable drone – the Mavic Pro – last month, it’s fair to say that the reaction in the industry was overwhelmingly positive. The Mavic Pro looks to be comfortably the best value drone on the market in terms of capability. …

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DJI Goggles – Will FPV be the Mavic’s Secret Weapon?

While it was easy to get swept up in the buzz surrounding DJI’s latest launch event, the Mavic Pro wasn’t the only product announced. The Chinese drone giant also launched the company’s new first-person view goggles – handily called target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”>DJI Goggles. Previously DJI pilots have needed …

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