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Taking a drone abroad is sophisticated at the most effective of occasions. Choosing the correct gear to take, packing your gear up securely and getting it by way of airport safety are all complications that pilots flying overseas need to face. And that’s earlier than you’ve even landed in... Read more
From Selfies to Dronies: Are You Ready to Take Selfies To Ne…
Guest submit from AirVuz — Last 12 months, over 200 million folks loaded greater than 24 billion selfies onto Google servers. In quick, everyone seems to be taking selfies. If you’re amongst those that suppose selfies are outdated information, right here’s a brand new twist on how to take... Read more
Just Got a DJI Mavic? Here Are 8 Things You Should Know
So your DJI Mavic has simply arrived. Congratulations. So what do it’s essential to know straight out of the field? It’s actually small. Okay, so that you already know this – it’s in your own home, in spite of everything. But we had been nonetheless greatly surprised at how... Read more
My Drone Crashed – What Now?!
Oh no. This is not how you wanted to spend your time at the end of 2016. After unwrapping a brand new drone less than a week ago and enjoying a few days of blissful aerial photography, the worst has happened. Your drone has decided (it’s got a mind of... Read more
5 Tips for Better Drone Photos
Maybe you’ve just got a drone for Christmas or maybe you’ve been flying for a while. Either way, we’re all looking for some easy steps to take to improve our aerial photography and make the most of having an eye in the sky. Here are our five top tips... Read more
So You Got a Drone for Christmas – 6 Things to Do Before You…
So you got a drone for Christmas… Congratulations. Now what? Whether you got a $50 micro-drone or a $1,000 monster, we thought it would be a good idea to put together some idea to get you started. Here’s our list of the top six things to do if you’ve... Read more
5 Platforms to Exhibit Drone Photography
For  many pilots, the thrill of flying is the whole point of getting a drone. But for others it’s all about the end result, the photos and videos you’ve got to show for your time in the sky. This is especially the case if you’re turning your hobby into a... Read more
5 Tips for Aerial Photography Beginners
There are plenty of reasons that you might be considering getting into aerial photography. You might’ve been inspired by some epic drone footage – of which there’s plenty – fancy yourself a professional pilot in the making, or just want an excuse to get out of the house. Whatever... Read more
Action video can be both exciting and a jangy mess. Whether shot on a GoPro camera attached to a skateboard or a 4K camera on an aerial drone, action video can be less than perfect. Image issues can include fisheye warp, camera shakes, and washed out colors; all defects... Read more
So you want to make money with your drone? That’s great, but the FAA’s Part 107 exam (which you now need to pass if you want to legally fly for business purposes) might be a little harder than you were expecting. It’s almost definitely a whole lot better than... Read more
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