Mavic Pro Delay: Shipping Starts But Has the Damage Been Done?

When target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”>DJI launched its new foldable drone – the Mavic Pro – last month, it’s fair to say that the reaction in the industry was overwhelmingly positive. The Mavic Pro looks to be comfortably the best value drone on the market in terms of capability. But the thing is, it’s still not really on the market. DJI said that shipping to customers that placed pre-orders would start on October 15th and that the drone would be in stores at the start of November. But here we are, one week later, and after admitting that high demand had caused the Mavic Pro delay, the Chinese manufacturer has only just begun to dispatch its newest entry into the consumer market. Sure, a week is hardly a big deal – Jeez, look at the Lily drone… – but there’s no denying that the initial bumps in the Mavic Pro’s release will be a concern for those at DJI.

DJI Mavic Pro delay

The DJI Mavic has a number of autonomous flight modes to change the way extreme sports fans capture themselves.

DJI is pleased to let you know we’ve begun shipping the Mavic Pro starting today.

As we told you earlier this week, demand is heavy, and we are working round the clock to get the Mavic Pro in your hands. Please check online for updates on your order status.

We thank you for showing such enthusiasm for our technology and look forward to having you flying as soon as possible.” – Adam Najberg, global director of communication, DJI

This concern will be for two reasons.

Will the Mavic Pro delay knock customer confidence?

This is an interesting question, and only time will provide the answer. The probable answer is no, it won’t. But that doesn’t mean that loyal DJI customers won’t carry a little resentment towards the company going forwards. Having stumped up upwards of $1,000, it’s fair to expect a concrete date that the product will be dispatched/reach you, especially after an unexpected delay. But for many pre-orderers that still isn’t the case.

In any case, it doesn’t look good to set yourself deadlines only to miss them. Sure, it’s only a week, but it still doesn’t scream reliability in the way that you’d want or expect from an industry leader. Fortunately for DJI, the company’s pioneering drones over the years have earned it a little leeway with thousands of loyal customers, so we’re not expecting any kind of backlash from the delay.

Will the Karma be alone on the shelves?

Of more concern to DJI will be the impact the Mavic Pro delay could have on consumer choice in the run up to Christmas. We still don’t know when the Mavic Pro will hit the shelves, which could give the GoPro Karma a headstart when it comes to festive sales. The Karma is due to start shipping on October 23rd, and it shouldn’t be long before it’s in stores, too. Although many drone enthusiasts will already have an idea of what they’re going for, execution and actually getting these drones to market is going to be key to winning early business from customers who haven’t yet made up their minds.

Mavic Pro Delay – A silver lining for DJI

Looking on the bright side for DJI, if it’s true that the delay is purely down to the fact that so many people showed an interest in the Mavic Pro, then there’s an obvious silver lining to the problem. High demand, or demand exceeding even the company’s expectations, suggests that maybe the Mavic Pro is appealing further than the company thought, to new markets and new demographics who previously thought flying a drone wasn’t for them.

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