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5 Things GoPro & the Karma 2 Must Do to Compete With DJI

Manufacturing a good drone isn’t straightforward. Staying afloat appears to be simply as laborious. Just ask the founders of Lily Robotics, who acquired virtually $50 million in pre-sales and VC funding and nonetheless couldn’t ship to a single buyer. Or 3DR, who pumped loads of capital into the Solo however have …

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Mavic Pro Delay: Shipping Starts But Has the Damage Been Done?

When target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”>DJI launched its new foldable drone – the Mavic Pro – last month, it’s fair to say that the reaction in the industry was overwhelmingly positive. The Mavic Pro looks to be comfortably the best value drone on the market in terms of capability. …

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Product Profile – A Closer Look at The GoPro Karma

On September 19th, GoPro launched the company’s first drone, the Karma. Our first impression was mixed, but now that the dust has settled we’re going to be taking a closer look at GoPro’s first step into the consumer market. During the grand unveiling, there was plenty of well-scripted talk from CEO Nick …

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GoPro Launches the Karma – Everything You Need to Know

The momentous day has arrived. Many months ago GoPro, a company that has until now had an interesting but distant relationship with the drone industry, announced that the Karma was coming. The Karma would be the first drone made by an industry outsider, and we all expected big things from …

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