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5 Things GoPro & the Karma 2 Must Do to Compete With DJI

Manufacturing a good drone isn’t straightforward. Staying afloat appears to be simply as laborious. Just ask the founders of Lily Robotics, who acquired virtually $50 million in pre-sales and VC funding and nonetheless couldn’t ship to a single buyer. Or 3DR, who pumped loads of capital into the Solo however have …

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Challenges on the Horizon for the Consumer Drone Industry

Looking back at the progress the consumer drone industry made in 2016, it’s easy to imagine that 2017 will be packed with revelatory product announcements and further strides forward. However, another bumper 18 months of consumer drone innovation seems unlikely at this point. Here’s why… Let’s begin by concentrating on …

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GoPro Vs DJI: Tech Giants End 2016 With Plenty to Prove

Not that long ago, the end of 2016 looked as though it would be a defining point for consumer drones, the time for them to truly go mainstream. In September, GoPro made its highly anticipated move into the drone space with the launch of the Karma. Industry leader target=”_blank”> target=”_blank”> …

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