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DJI Release Teaser for Mavic 2 Launch Event On August 23rd

Back in July, DJI delayed the launch event for what we know now is at least one new iteration in the Mavic drone line. The Chinese manufacturer’s ‘See the Bigger Picture’ event was pushed back indefinitely, until this week.

In the interim UK catalog retailer Argos accidentally published pictures and details of the new drones way ahead of the official launch. The leak showed that there are in fact two versions of the new Mavic 2 on the way, the Mavic 2 Zoom and the Mavic 2 Pro.

new dji mavic 2 leak argos

DJI Reschedule See the Bigger Picture Event

We now know that next week, on August 23rd, DJI will hold its See the Bigger Picture event and unveil the new Mavic 2. We assume that both iterations will be revealed on the day.

But what we don’t know yet are the details of the new models and the full extent of their capabilities. We also don’t know DJI’s pricing intentions for the new Mavic 2.

Considering that the Mavic 2 Pro will boast 31 minutes of flight time, omnidirectional obstacle avoidance and an impressive-looking camera, anything under $1,000 would represent decent value for money in the current market.

dji mavic 2 launch event trailer

“It’s about time”

But there are a few clues to take from the trailer that DJI released today (below).

First of all, we get a sneak peak of the dolly-zoom function expected come with the Mavic 2 Zoom. You’d assume that it’s going to have more than a zoom capability to warrant launching an entirely separate model from the standard Mavic 2, so there should be some further differentiating factors announced on the day.

We also get a look at some hyperlapse footage in the trailer. Parrot made a similar function available with the touch of a button with the new Anafi and it looks as though DJI is about to do something similar. That would certainly tie in with the trailer and the tagline, “It’s about time”.

Once you’ve exhausted your cinematic options using different angles and perspectives, time is the next thing drone pilots want to manipulate for creative effect. It looks like DJI is set to make that capability readily available, rather than an arduous process in post-production.

Let’s wait and see.

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