Walkera Announces Aibao, a 4K Camera Drone with Mixed Realit…

Walkera Aibao

Racing drone manufacturer, Walkera,  has announced the international release of their new drone model, AiBao.  AiBao includes a 4K HD camera with recording capability. It is the first drone in the UAV market that features mixed reality gaming, supported by Walkera technology.

The AiBao merges virtual elements and reality by allowing gamers and FPV pilots to fly their GPS drones into virtual funnel gates or shoot at virtual targets using an advanced Walkera radio transmitter. The drone’s GPS and 4K camera, enable the hybrid reality, immersive flight experience in real time and introduces a brand new way of gaming.

Walkera’s gaming platform operates through the AiBao GO iOS and Android mobile app on an iPad or tablet, connected to the drone controller. There are currently three operation modes including racing, battle and collection mode, each demonstrating a mixed reality experience by placing virtual items and routes in real-life surroundings. While the games are currently in beta, Walkera has plans for OTA updates that will improve the overall experience. Game studios interested in developing games for the drone are invited to submit a contact form to the research department at www.ucdrone.com.

Walkera is applying a reality concept to a GPS racing drone, leading the way for other UAV manufacturers in the market to introduce MR gaming technology to their models.

The new AiBao drone model offers features including:

  • 16 megapixel 4K HD camera with 4K/2.7 1080p 720p HD video recording
  • HD digital video transmission, allowing you to get high-quality aerial photography footage on your mobile device
  • A long distance image transfer range up to 500m
  • A long distance control transfer range up to 1500m
  • A 5200 mAh super capacity lithium battery ensuring a flight time of 20 minutes
  • A professional transmitter that easily controls the drone

Walkera’s other recent drone models that are already in the market include the Voyager 4, with an optical zoom camera system that can capture 360-degree visuals in 1080p and their racing drone series, Rodeo 150, F210 and F210 3D.

It is available for purchase online at www.ucdrone.com, for the price of $469.


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