Norwegian Teenager’s Drone Photography Puts Your Vacation Snaps to Shame

As countries go, Norway’s pretty good isn’t it? Statistically it’s one of the happiest nations in the world, which is no surprise when you consider the incredible scenery locals enjoy at every turn. How can you be miserable with mountains like that? As you might expect, all that incredible scenery makes it a great place for aerial photographers. And one pilot in particular is beginning to make a name for himself in the world of drone photography.

Mathias Haughom is also just 17. But that hasn’t stopped him from amassing a strong online following on social media, where his drone photography exhibiting the best of Norway’s scenery has well and truly gone viral.

Speaking to UK newspaper The Daily TelegraphHaughom said, “My whole life I have loved Norwegian nature, but it was only when I started making drone films that I understood how special it is compared to other places and countries in the world.”

But it seems as though his fellow Norwegians have got used to the views and spectacular landscapes. “The response I have got abroad has been much bigger than the response from my Norwegian mates,” says Haughom. “I find it quite funny and inspiring. It means that Norwegian nature has big potential.”

Haughom uses a DJI Phantom 3 Pro to get his shots, which gives a little hope to all of us. Even without the top of the range gear his footage is something special. Much of his filming takes place around Lofoten, a cluster of picturesque islands just off Norway’s western coastline.

According to the Telegraph, Haughom, has already put pen to paper and signed a deal with a photography licencing and distribution agency, which we suppose isn’t surprising given what he’s achieved so far at such a young age. And as for the future? He said: “I would like to visit the poles someday. Filming big ice mountains sounds fantastic.”

Sounds good to us.

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