How To Cook Thanksgiving Dinner – With a Drone

Yes, it’s that time of year when people across the country come up with new and different ways to cook Thanksgiving dinner.  But the creative team at Autel Robotics – makers of the X-Star Premium Camera drone – has just won the holiday, cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner with a drone.

The Autel team used their obviously resilient and multi-talented quadcopter to peel potatoes and carrots, chop parsley, whip mashed potatoes and gravy, make pumpkin pie and – yes, that too – deep fry a turkey.

“It was a lot of fun,” Autel’s creative director, Dave Crosby, told DRONELIFE. “…but we don’t recommend doing this at home. It’s obviously something where someone could hurt themselves. It’s also incredibly messy. We had carrots, parsley, and potato skins in every corner of the house. It took us hours to clean it all up. ”

“The video doesn’t begin to do justice to the mess it made.”

While possibly not the best tool for cooking, there was no damage done – the X-Star Premium went out the next day and did what it does best, taking crystal clear aerial imagery. The quad in its normal guise is a highly reviewed, easy-to-fly camera drone in the <$1000 price range, appropriate for high-end recreational or professional use.  The X-Star might be more effectively used to document the turkey feast – and the antics of assorted relatives – after the preparation.

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