Heisha Technology Wants To Be The Go To Charging Platform fo…

Heisha Technology wants to be the go-to charging component for autonomous drone solutions: and they’re well on the way.  With it’s C500 Plus release, the company is targeting drone system integrators with their new charging platform.

As the drone industry matures, end-to-end solutions now often use a variety of components, bundled by system integrators into a branded solution.  The Heisha C500 charging pad is designed for developers building a complete unattended drone station.  It is a third generation product compatible with all types of multi-rotor drones, including industry-leading DJI.   The company already boasts over 1,000 clients and features a package for the  DJI Mavic 2 that is used for a variety of applications including security, inspection, agriculture, harbor inspection, and survey.

Heisha provides drone components that expand the boundaries of drone operations, including a drone charging pad, and wireless video transmitters.  The C500 PLUS  is designed and developed for heavy industrial use:
  • Overall industrial grade upgrade over the prior versions;
  • All-metal uni body construction for durability;
  • Highly integrated design of the internal control PCB, upgraded to achieve 5-in-1 precision control for stable and reliable performance;
  • Added glare protection devices and position feedback mechanism to the locking bars for safer and more stable operation;
  • 24-hour uninterrupted vibration test passed;
  • Operates in temperature up to 70 ℃;
  • Operates in humidity up to 30% -50%RH;
  • Direct sunlight resistance;
  • Fatigue tested ≥ 5000 times

System integrators take note: the C500 is a platform designed for customization.  “The HEISHA C500 PLUS hardware interface is fully open to supporting developers’ further development, and enough space is reserved internally to add powerful AI computers and cooling devices,” says the company.  “The power supply is compatible with the power sources from AC power, battery power, or solar panel power.”

Added to these features, Heisha provides reliability.  The company performs a rigorous selection of suppliers to ensure high product quality, with a monthly production capacity of over 500 units and a stockpile of over 50 units/month.



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