Top Drone Manufacturers of 2021: Drone Industry Insights

XAG V40 Agricultural Drone operated with broadcast system on board New research from Drone Industry Insights lists the world’s top drone manufacturers of 2021. The DRONEII Report assesses more than 500 global drone manufacturing companies.  From there, writes DRONEII Market Research Analyst Zahra Lotfi, manufacturers “are further classified into the Top …

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Agricultural Drone Speeds Chinese Rice Seeding

Source: XAG One of China’s largest agricultural drone companies is helping to overhaul the rice-farming industry. XAG recently launched a rice-seeding demonstration of seeding via drone at Happy Farms, an agricultural park in Guangdong province. The demo showed how an agricultural drone would fare against human labor. Two workers were tasked …

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Drones are Being Deployed in the Fight Against Coronavirus

Last month, aerial footage emerged from a busy intersection in Shuyang, northern China. The video – admittedly a piece of state propaganda – shows drones equipped with loudspeakers being used by law enforcement. The purpose? To remind pedestrians to wear their facemasks in an effort to slow the spread of …

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