Blue sUAS Heavy Lift Drone IF1200A

Blue sUAS heavy lift dronesBlue sUAS drone manufacturer Inspired Flight has introduced the IF1200A heavy lift drone, setting standards in flight endurance and payload capacity.

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The latest offering from U.S. drone manufacturer Inspired Flight ticks all of the boxes for enterprise drone projects. Inspired Flight’s heavy lift hexacopter was originally designed for U.S. Department of Defense clients and is NDAA-compliant, engineered and manufactured entirely in the U.S., offering a platform that meets government and enterprise security requirements.

Most importantly, the IF1200A offers category-leading functionality: payload flexibility, impressive flight endurance, and a rugged airframe.  Put together, these capabilities make the IF1200A an industrial workhorse in the under 55 pound (appropriate for Part 107 pilots) category.

Open Source Architecture and a Universal Payload Interface

One tool – many uses.  Aerial data collection comes in many forms, and this heavy lift allows customers to use a single aircraft to easily accomodate multiple sensor needs.  Inspired Flight described the IF1200 as “the most modular drone on the planet.” The IF1200A retains that flexibility while increasing payload capacity to 20 pounds.  In addition to “ready to fly” integrations with optical, thermal, and LiDAR sensors, the IF1200A’s open source architecture allows for custom payload integrations to meet the unique needs of any organization.  Government and civil customers can utilize the IF1200A platform for applications including precision agriculture, construction, surveying, inspection, and security.

An 85% Increase in Flight Time 

Flight endurance is directly influenced by weight – so for heavy lift drones, flight time is a significant issue to overcome.  The IF1200A has been engineered to achieve a major upgrade in flight time: up to about 45 minutes with a smaller payload, and 25 minutes carrying a full 20 pounds. In an interview with Tyto Robotics at the AUVSI Xponential 2022, Inspired Flight’s Director of Product Marc Stollmeyer talked about using Tyto’s test stand to extend flight endurance for the IF1200A.  “We were able to test these motors, find out which one was the most powerful, which one was the most efficient – and that allowed us to get industry leading flight times out of this vehicle.”

In addition to a secure, modular heavy-lift platform, Inspired Flight is committed to offering customers a reliable product – and a robust support operation.  In an interview with Danielle Gagne in “Stories from 400 Feet,” Director of Sales Adam Bilmes emphasizes the company’s reputation for hands-on, accessible customer support.

“What you’re getting with us…is a company that is really regarded for reliability and safety, which will always be our first focus – and we’ve really built out a support function…I think that’s critical for this industry to really take off.”

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