U.S. drones

Blue sUAS Heavy Lift Drone IF1200A

Blue sUAS drone manufacturer Inspired Flight has introduced the IF1200A heavy lift drone, setting standards in flight endurance and payload capacity. Continue reading below or listen: The latest offering from U.S. drone manufacturer Inspired Flight ticks all of the boxes for enterprise drone projects. Inspired Flight’s heavy lift hexacopter was …

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Drones Made in the U.S. Meet Skyfish.ai

How a professor of computer science, a high-tech CEO and an RC hobbyist developed some of the most accurate drones for engineering on the market – in Montana. Skyfish.ai was started in 2014 – but until today, when the company announced the formal launch of their platform, they’ve been operating …

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U.S. – China Tech War: More Shots Fired

The U.S. – China tech war has had major implications for the commercial drone industry.  Now, AirForce veteran and aerospace attorney Dawn Zoldi of P3 Tech Consulting explains the impact of the latest development, an Executive Order signed on January 5, 2021. Written by Dawn M.K. Zoldi, Guest Contributor*  Additional …

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