Unattended Technology: The Move Towards Greater Drone Automa…

“Unattended technologies” are those that facilitate the use of automated drones to perform tasks – not just the automation technology that allows the drone to perform its mission, but technology that allows the drone to charge its own battery.  Unattended technologies are paving the way for significant advancements in surveillance, emergency response and industrial solutions like warehouse stocking.

Bottlenecks in unattended technologies however have prevented them from fully meeting the demands of the market, however.  Prices for automated charging pads are generally high: out of reach of most users and small companies.  And, like in many new technologies, service providers have developed their own systems for their own drones – much like cell phone companies developed their own chargers when the technology was in the early stages.

Shenzhen-based Heisha is manufacturing a system to address the bottlenecks: with technical stability, wide customization capabilities, and a price point under $1,000 USD.   Heisha’s new C200 drone charging pad is compatible with Mavic Air and other DJI drones, by far the most popular drones for industrial applications.  C200 can be customized to charge a variety of VTOL multi-rotor drones, including  the DJI Mavic series, DJI Phantom series, DJI M series, and other open source drones.

The product offers an impressive set of features.  Reposition bars lock the drone in the center of the pad while the drone is being charged on the move, offering more stability than a plain wireless charging pad.  The C200 has integrated a control unit and a standard I/O port, offering the developers a broader scope for innovation.  A smart temperature control unit inside addresses the issue of overheating.  And C200 is tailored for surveillance patrolling, warehouse stocking and forest inspection, which can be included in the solution package out of the box.

“More importantly,” says Heisha, “the C200 package price is quite affordable and competitive, which can dramatically lower the cost of building a full unattended system, making the mass applications of autonomous drone possible.”

“For example, you only need one Mavice Air (USD599) and one Heisha C200(USD999) to build your own unattended drone system for auto inspection, auto charging, remote data collecting and transmission,” the company points out.

Problems of pilot availability and the high cost of unattended drone systems are on the way to being solved for surveillance, warehouse stocking and forest inspection. The era of unattended drone system is on its way.

About HEISHA tech

HEISHA is a technology-driven company. The founding partners  (9 people) are all technical experts that are addicted to artificial intelligence, power systems, telemetry technology for more than ten years.

HEISHA now focuses on two products:
The Electronic Speed Controller. We have successfully solved the technical problems of 500A ESC, and patented it. At the same time, we partnered with ESC provider for general aviation in Europe, and jointly develop new ESC fo higher voltage and mass-produced it and it has become the most popular product in the market.
The UAV charging station. Through the innovative design (patented), Black Sand has successfully solved the problem of poor stability and high cost of charging stations. The product has become the most popular solution in this sector.  www.heishatech.com



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