Tech employees earning up to $1 million per year got laid of…

Image Source : PIXABAY Techies earning around 1 million USD per year are being laid off at big tech firms

As Big Tech layoffs have been dominating the market, more details have emerged over the period of time on which verticals and senior executives have been earning up to $1 million annually, bearing the maximum brunt at Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

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Image Source : PIXABAYLayoff in tech firms

At Google, laid-off employees- included those who previously received high-performance reviews or held managerial positions “with annual compensation packages of $500,000 to $1 million, report of The Information states.

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According to the report, 12,000 impacted employees who belonged to every department, from Google Cloud and Chrome to Android and “search-related groups under senior executive Prabhakar Raghavan”.

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Google Cloud laid off people in strategy, recruiting, and go-to-market teams, the report mentioned.

Google’s parent company Alphabet’s in-house research and development (R&D) division called Area 120 was also significantly hit.

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Image Source : PIXABAYLayoff at Tech employees

The majority of the Area 120 team has been “winded down”.

At Microsoft, which laid off 10,000 employees, game development studios like Halo were the biggest hit. Other cuts impacted its mixed-reality (MR) headset teams.

Microsoft has also shut down AltspaceVR virtual reality-based social platform it acquired in 2017.

Amazon’s layoffs included jobs in the devices and services division.

The job cut affected nearly 2,000 people in hardware chief Dave Limp’s division, which is home to products like Alexa and Echo smart home devices.

CNBC reported the layoffs also included a “significant number” of employees working on the Prime Air drone delivery project.

Amazon will also shut down its charity donation programme, “AmazonSmile”, as it failed to create the impact the company hoped for.

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