Queen B Robotics Launches Exo360 for VR Aerial Video

360° filming is fast becoming all the rage in the world of drone photography. In many ways, it seems like a natural evolution. After fitting drones with 4K cameras, why not add a few more that point in all directions, and don a pair of Virtual Reality goggles to enjoy an immersive experience?

With the expected launch of a number of 360° drones, including the Janus from Drone Volt, Queen B Robotics have followed suit and announced the Exo360; a new drone to help film-makers create VR video content.

Queen B Robotics

Queen B Robotics have billed their UAV as the world’s first 360° drone, and if it does make the leap from crowdfunding campaign to market that may well be the case. Having already raised 115% of the initial aim on IndieGoGo with more than two weeks left to go, this is looking increasingly likely. However, there’s a strong possibility that GoPro’s long-awaited Karma drone will have similar 360° capabilities.

The Exo360 is a drone that breaks the frontiers of film making and photography” – Queen B Robotics

So what does the first drone from Queen B Robotics offer the consumer market? Well, its 5 4K cameras offer 360-degree video capture, which can be live-streamed to a compatible virtual reality headset. The flight time of 18 minutes is also respectable, although admittedly not as good as standard video competitors in the same kind of price range. The Exo360 also comes with a number of autonomous flight modes, but not obstacle avoidance. For a more detailed look at the technical specifications, take a look at the summary below.

Queen B Robotics exo360

The Exo360 has no shortage of features

The standard Exo360 can be pre-ordered now for $999, while the 4K version will set you back $1399. Through crowdfunding, Queen B Robotics is looking to raise enough capital to make production on a commercial scale possible. Having already exceeded the initial $25,000 goal, the company looks well on its way. If everything goes to plan, shipping is expected in December 2016.

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