InterDrone Update: PowerVision Unveils the PowerEye – a Cinematography Drone

Powervision PowerEye

PowerVision is not resting. It was just a couple weeks ago that they announced they’re taking pre-orders for their innovative new consumer drone, the PowerEgg. Yesterday at the InterDrone trade show PowerVision unveiled the PowerEye a drone designed for professional cinematography.

The PowerEye features PowerVision’s integrated Dual Viewing capability which gives multiple users the ability to see video simultaneously from a First Person View (FPV) and a Subject Matter View (SMV).  Using the Dual Viewing feature, a cinematographer has the ability to see what is in front of the PowerEye while in flight through a dedicated FPV camera housed in the nose of the aircraft.  At the same time, the PowerEye’s gimbal-mounted 4K UHD or Thermal/Natural Light Switchable Camera can be directed independently to action on the ground or other areas in the sky.

Using the PowerEye App, Dual Viewing can be managed by a single person using one mobile device in either a split screen or picture-in-picture mode (user selectable). It can also be managed by two people using two mobile devices with one person/device managing FPV, and the other managing SMV.  Dual View is preferred or essential in a wide range of situations such as covering sporting events in stadiums; capturing a movie’s scripted action sequence in a city center; or tracking wildlife across a rugged landscape.

PowerEye is available with two advanced camera options providing cinematographers and creative professionals with the ability to shoot in low light or with special effects. The first is its standard high-performance 4K UHD camera. The second is a camera that can capture images in both thermal and natural light. The PowerEye Thermal/Natural Light Switchable Camera comes with two integrated light sensors and two lenses.

“PowerEye sets a new standard for video quality and control, special effects and professional capabilities. It’s a quantum leap beyond the use of a drone to simply record from above. For the first time we’re providing professional cinematographers, aspiring movie makers, even innovative game developers with a significant new feature set in an affordable, rugged and highly-portable platform,” said Wally Zheng, CEO of PowerVision Technology Group.  “The PowerEye’s integrated thermal capabilities combined with its simultaneous Dual View and state-of-the-art aeronautics is unmatched in today’s market.”

The PowerEye incorporates significant innovation that provides the professional video community with valuable benefits including:

  • PowerVision Object Detection Technology: Uses an array of integrated sensors to detect flight path obstacles and sound an alert within 10 meters
  • Stable 4-Point Landing/Lift-off Design: Eliminates the need for dangerous hand-held take-offs and catch-landings common with 2-point and/or T-bar designed drones
  • Highly portable 600mm class aircraft: Integrates collapsible legs and rotors for quick and easy transport, folding to a mere 340 x 285 x 296 mm
  • Best-in-Class camera support: Compatible with the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) system, enabling users to connect a variety of lenses based on their personal preferences
  • Maximum flight time up to 29.5 minutes

Lightweight and powerful:

  • PowerEye base weight – 6.94 lbs
  • PowerEye with camera – 8.6 lbs
  • Maximum PowerEye payload – 6.6 lbs

“When we launched PowerEgg, we showed the world that PowerVision wasn’t a me too drone company.  From that perspective, PowerEye is cut from the same cloth,” Zheng said. “Our strategy of driving innovation focused on meeting the needs of professionals and advanced amateurs alike has resulted in a new cinematography drone that we believe will lead the market forward.”

The development of PowerEye’s features and capabilities – particularly its Dual View – were based on extensive market analysis and field research that included discussions with a wide range of film makers and videographers.  An example is input provided by Ethan Hoerneman, owner/principal, Firefly Arts LLC, an innovative video and animation production company based in Aptos, Calif. specializing in the development of striking visual experiences. According to Hoerneman, “The ability to see an object or an entire environment from virtually any perspective is the promise of drone-based videography.  Unfortunately, the promise is often tough to achieve when navigating in tight spaces or shooting objects in motion.  The Dual View capability of the PowerEye solves this problem by ensuring the safety of the aircraft and the quality and creativity of the shot.”

The PowerEye will be available in late 2016.  Pricing has not yet been released.

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