Intel Enters Enterprise Drone Market with the Falcon 8+

Intel Falcon 8+Today Intel announced their first branded drone targeted for enterprise markets, the Falon 8+. Intel states that “[this] advanced drone with full electronic system redundancy that is designed with safety, ease, performance and precision for the North American markets.” With this Intel is leveraging their acquisition of Ascending Technologies, the commercial drone manufacturer based in Germany. The Intel Falcon 8+ builds on Ascending Technologies Astec Falcon 8.

According to Josh Walden, Senio VP of Intel’s New techology Group, “The system provides detailed images down to millimeter accuracy and gives valuable structural analysis that helps users detect and prevent further damage to infrastructure. Operators will have tremendous opportunities to generate valuable aerial precision data.”

Here are the specs and features  for the system as supplied by Intel:

Intel Falcon 8+

  • The Intel Falcon 8+ is an advanced, ready-to-fly UAS for professional drone service providers and industries for North American markets.
  • This patented V-form octocopter provides full electronic system redundancy, which features redundant batteries, redundant communication between all flight-relevant components and redundant sensing.
  • This leading-edge UAV is powered with AscTec® Trinity technology – a triple-redundant autopilot with three redundant inertial measurement units that compensate for external influences like electromagnetic fields or strong winds.
  • The UAS has automated aerial-sensing solutions with best-in-class onboard sensors, providing detailed orthography down to millimeter accuracy ground sample distance (GSD). Consistent waypoint automation enables reproducible flights for valuable structural analysis.
  • The Intel Falcon 8+ system shares similar features with its predecessor, the AscTec Falcon 8: best performance and weight-to-payload ratio in the entire market; highest stability in harsh conditions; easily exchangeable and deeply integrated payloads; best-in-class safety including unmatched robustness against magnetic field disturbances; and high-precision GPS.

Intel cockpit

Intel Cockpit

  • The Intel Cockpit is a completely redesigned mobile ground station and features a robust, water-resistant user interface, for use even in harsh outdoor environments.
  • With the integrated Intel-based tablet, operators are able to plan and execute highly complex missions with ease.
  • The Intel Cockpit integrates independent control and safety features with low-latency digital video link. This supports payloads with up to 1080p resolutions for a stunning live view.
  • Incorporates a new, exciting joystick for single-hand flight control, simplifying the user experience and allowing users to focus on the task.

Intel Powerpack

  • Intel Powerpack smart batteries power the Intel Falcon 8+ drone and the Intel Cockpit and feature automatic balancing, storage mode, charging and LEDs that display remaining battery life.
  • The battery is small enough to meet airline shipping requirements.

Intel is focused on creating innovative new technologies in the UAV segment. With the Intel Falcon 8+ system, Intel offers a highly reliable, lightweight drone for challenging applications in demanding industries.

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