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square JFD logoJobForDrones announces the launch of a new website, featuring deep functionality to allow professional drone operators to find commercial drone customers.

The new site is a global network that allows licensed drone operators to create profiles featuring their skills, search jobs in their region, and bid on jobs posted on the site.  Messaging functionality allows operators to ask questions about the jobs and see all the details before submitting a bid.

Commercial customers can post jobs, browse operators and read reviews, and request bids before choosing an operator and paying for the job through JobForDrones’ secure payment site.  Customers can even copy jobs to post again when they have a similar job to staff, making it convenient for realtors, insurance agents, or property developers who have frequent drone needs.

“JobForDrones really meets a need in the industry,” says Alan Phillips, the founder behind the idea. “Small operators need a way to get connected with customers in their regions, while still allowing them to be independent.”

JobForDrones CEO Miriam McNabb agrees.  “Professional drone operators have a lot invested in getting licensed and developing their skills,” says McNabb, a drone journalist and vocal advocate for the drone industry.  “But it isn’t always easy to find commercial customers or to differentiate themselves from recreational fliers.  That’s why we’re really excited to offer this new functionality – we’re helping professional operators feature their companies and find new business.”

The site was developed by Boston web development firm OutSight Interactive.  OutSight’s CEO, Denise Preston, comments that the team loved working on JobForDrones: “Everyone is talking about drones.  We’re thrilled to be working in a completely new industry with so much growth opportunity,” says Preston.  “It’s like we have front row seats to the next big thing!”

Licensed drone operators and customers can create profiles now by registering at JobForDrones – it’s free to join the network, post jobs and submit bids.  Media inquiries or questions about corporate accounts, advertising or support please contact [email protected]

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