First Look at Feature Highlights of the PowerEgg

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PowerEgg, an innovative consumer drone known for its sleek design, reveals its key features today by making the first in-flight video available.

1. Revolutionary Design

PowerEgg presents an all-new, egg-shaped design that sets itself apart from all the other X-shaped quacopters in the industry. Its sleek lines and unique industry design bring you a special flying experience.
Power Egg Revolutionary Design

2.  Compact and Portable

Completely foldable propellers allow PowerEgg to be more compact and easier to carry even in a small backpack.  Take PowerEgg with you on your next journey.

Power Egg Compact and Portable

3.  Long Range Real-time Video

PowerEgg supports long range real-time video.  With longer distance and more effective flying duration, it meets and exceeds consumer needs for drone photography and videography.

Power Egg Long Range Real Time Video

4.  Super Easy Control

PowerEgg incorporates multiple control features based on different surroundings.  Using Super Easy Control, users can enjoy the easy-to-fly experience and smooth operation, even children can learn to fly easily.

Power Egg Super Easy Control

5.  360° Panoramic

PowerEgg’s automatic folding of foot stands allows a true 360 degree panoramic photography and videography during flight, sparing users from additional photo or video editing to eliminate footage of the stands and easily get the best shots they want.

Power Egg 360 Panoramic

6. 4K Camera on 3-axis Gimbal

With 4K high resolution digital camera and 3-axis gimbals, PowerEgg easily captures breath-taking views and memories and delivers them to the users through high quality photos and 4K videos.

Power Egg 4K Camera on 3 axis Gimbal
Watch the amazing journey of the flying egg here:

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