DRONELIFE Talks Drones in the Home of the Future

UPDATE: Did you miss the show?  You can listen to it anytime here.

DRONELIFE contributing editor Miriam McNabb will be featured in today’s radio broadcast of The Future of Real Estate on Voice America!  Tune in today at 3pm EST, 12 pm PST to hear a lively discussion of how drones are used in our homes and our neighborhoods.

 Learn more about the show or listen live here.  From the show description:
How fun are Drones!? Now that we’re finally embarking on the future with the exponential growth of drones and drone technology, what can we expect from these little guys, in and around our homes, neighborhoods and cities? As we are very much on the precipice of the drone revolution, it’s difficult to really grasp the uses we can put them towards. Just like we could not guess the sheer number of apps and the many uses we put them towards on our mobile device when the iPhone first came out, similarly we can’t yet get the full picture of how many ways we’ll use these newly opened up 3 dimensions now available to us. Today’s show is going to be an exploration of where we know we are going with Drone technology, where we think and where we hope it will go, and how all it may affect your home and community of the future.

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