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BRINC new droneOn March 2, 2023, BRINC will unveil their next generation solution, and the images look amazing.

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BRINC specializes in solutions for first responders, including the LEMUR S and the newest solution, the BRINC Ball.  The LEMUR S is a drone designed for special weapons and tactics (SWAT) operations and emergency response: enabling safer outcomes for both officers and suspects by providing two-way communications and eyes inside a building.

The BRINC Ball is a nearly indestructible “throw phone” – an innovative solution to establish 2-way communications in almost any environment.

The BRINC solutions have been deployed in police, first responder, and defense settings from survivor searches at the Surfside Condo collapse to military uses in Ukraine.  (BRINC donated drones and trained Ukrainian forces in their use and repair – check out that story here.)

BRINC has a fascinating origin story, in addition to offering a truly unique set of solutions.  CEO Blake Resnick developed his first aircraft in collaboration with Las Vegas police following the 2017 mass shooting, beginning when he was only 17 and producing his first commercial product at 21.  Since riding along with police in his teens to see exactly what tools they needed, he’s taken the same focused approach to development, resulting in a purpose-built tool with features ranging from an incredibly resilient form factor complete with “turtle mode” (the LEMUR S can flip itself from it’s back) to the ability to “perch” on almost any piece of furniture in order to provide communications and situational intelligence.

Now, BRINC announces a new solution to “reimagine response” – and as the company keeps the details under wraps, the teaser image indicates a new aircraft with a new sensor array.   Register here to see the new product launch as it happens.

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