Aerial Drone Optimizing Software Corrects Image Issues

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 10.12.40 AMAction video can be both exciting and a jangy mess. Whether shot on a GoPro camera attached to a skateboard or a 4K camera on an aerial drone, action video can be less than perfect. Image issues can include fisheye warp, camera shakes, and washed out colors; all defects that can diminish the visual quality. ProDrenalin V2+ is, in the view of ProDAD. its developer, a solution that can provide enhanced video stabilization and CMOS distortion correction, enhanced fisheye removal, automated image cleanup, storyboarding, and video filter effects. In their words it can “make it easy to transform janky video into cinematic gold.”

Introduced in 2013, ProDrenalin V1 was the first video editing software developed to address action camera-related problems such as warped and or distorted video caused by super-wide angle lenses; shaking and wobble; dull, washed out color; and un-sharp, grainy-looking video. The latest version of the software, ProDrenalin V2 Plus, builds on the first version’s technology by incorporating the advanced Mercalli V4 stabilization technology (previously a separate application) along with totally new features including automatic image cleanup, storyboarding, the ability to apply video effects to clips, and enhanced and editable camera profiles for more precise fisheye warp removal.

Robert DeMoulin, CEO of proDAD states:

ProDrenalin V1 changed the face of action cam and drone video forever. ProDrenalin V2+ is set to do it again with new capabilities that include automated cleanup tools, the ability to add effects to a video, storyboarding, and a whole lot more. The goal of ProDrenalin V2+ is to be an easy-to-use suite of tools for quickly fixing the problems that you often find in action cam and drone video before transferring to an NLE or posted on social media.

ProDrenalin V2+ Key Features

  • Advanced Video Stabilization – The Mercalli® V4 stabilization engine is embedded in ProDrenalin V2+ and features 3 levels of correction providing faster and more accurate video stabilization with less zoom-in. Stabilizing fisheye-distorted video has been optimized and performance in the analysis phase has been doubled.
  • CMOS Distortion Correction – Where the camera was subjected to vibration and oscillation, ProDrenalin V2+ removes the wobble, jitter, and jello that make video unwatchable.
  • Automatic Image Enhancement – ProDrenalin V2+ can automatically enhance color, brightness, contrast, and of your video making it easy to correct common video issues with as little effort as possible.
  • Storyboarding – ProDrenalin V2+ makes it easy to create a rough-cut by arranging and combining clips in the ProDrenalin V2+. Clips can then be exported individually or as a single video.
  • Video Effects – ProDrenalin V2 Plus lets you apply dozens of proDAD pro-grade filter effects such as vignette, lighting, color, monotone, and more along withpowerful keyframe effects allowing you to easily adjust position, rotation and scale.
  • Enhanced Color Correction – Extensive professional grade color correction with a histogram display for monitoring changes is included in ProDrenalin V2+.
  • Enhanced Camera Profiles – Removing unwanted fisheye warp from video and still images is more precise with ProDrenalin V2 Plus, which provides fully re-worked camera profiles for most popular action cameras, drones, and DSLR cameras. You can also edit camera profiles to create profiles for unsupported cameras.
  • New Project Management –With ProDrenalin V2+, projects can now be saved and re-opened later, a much-requested feature. Commonly used settings such as the selected camera profile can also be saved faster project starts.
    New Import and Export Formats – ProDrenalin V2+ can now import videos in Canopus HQ/HQX and GoPro Cineform formats and export formats include H.264 (.mov & .mp4), H.265 (.mov), Apple ProRes (.mov), Generic .avi, and Motion JPEG.
  • NLE-style Editing – The ProDrenalin V2+ canvas timeline allows clips to be dragged and dropped, moved, and easily trimmed or split. Standard keyboard shortcuts have been included for users familiar with common NLE products.
  • Enhanced Video De-Noising – De-noising and sharpening grainy video has been improved and is now significantly faster in ProDrenalin V2 Plus.
  • Faster and Stronger in Every Way – ProDrenalin V2+ is GPU-enabled and fully optimized for multi-core processors. The new ProDrenalin V2+ architecture also supports processing videos of up to 8K resolution.
  • Windows 64-bit Only – ProDrenalin V2+ runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Price & Availability

ProDrenalin V2+ has an MSRP of $99, but offered until October 31, 2016 for $79.20 as an introductory special. ProDrenalin V1 customers can upgrade to V2+ for $47.20. ProDrenalin V1 will continue to be available at a new price of $29. Learn more at

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