Top Resources to Improve Your Aerial Photography

For many drone enthusiasts, a passion for aerial photography is what got them into flying in the first place. For the rest, it’s an inevitable result of being able to attach a camera to a UAV.

But whether you’re shooting for fun or using a drone for business reasons, improving the quality of the end result is something many pilots struggle to do. And to be honest, it can be tough to know what exactly you’re doing wrong and how things can be improved.

To try and give you and your shots more clarity, we’ve put together a definitive list of resources you might want to check out to improve your aerial photography. From PDFs to video tutorials, online courses and ‘How-To’ guides, there’s plenty out there if you look hard enough. To save you time and get you up in the air as quickly as possible, we’ve done the searching for you. Feel free to add your own resources in the comments below.

3DR’s Aerial Photography eBooks

3DR resources for drone pilots aerial photography


Popular manufacturer 3DR has put together a couple of handy eBooks for pilots eager to improve their photography skills. The latest, titled ‘Getting serious about aerial photography‘, includes interviews with professional pilots and photographers, tips on post-processing, a filter guide, and plenty of inspiration for aspiring pilots.

If you want to receive these free eBooks in future, click on the link above and give 3DR your email address as part of the download process. It’s worth it. 3DR’s eBooks aren’t just for Solo pilots, but if you do fly with 3DR, check out this extensive webinar video to make the most of your flights.

The eBooks don’t begin and end with 3DR. If you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is, there are books you can buy on setting up your own drone business, as well as eBooks on improving your aerial videography.

Online Video Tutorials

There are plenty of video tutorials out there for improving your drone photography. However, the majority of these are produced by different manufacturers and only offer tips on their specific drones. These are obviously useful if it’s your drone of choice, so check out the Youtube channels of DJI, 3DR, Yuneec, and Parrot – just to name a few.

For those looking for more general aerial photography tips, check out this video, from Tuts plus, which offers a few pointers you may not have come across before.

Aerial Videography Guides

UAV Coach screen shot

Our friends at UAV Coach have put together a pretty comprehensive guide on aerial videography, with 17 tips on how to get started and perfect your shots. If you want to take things to the next level, they are launching an

If you want to take things to the next level, they are launching an online aerial cinematography course later this month. The course has been put together by two experienced, professional videographers, and with a 30-day money back guarantee, is well worth checking out.

Popular drone forums

Sometimes the best way to learn new skills and techniques is to discuss successes and failures with like-minded peers. There are plenty of forums where this can be done in the world of drone photography.

DIY Drones has a large forum with plenty of active contributors, and you may well find that some of your burning questions have already been answered. Elsewhere, you can find well-informed discussions on aerial photography on the Dronestagram forum, as well as plenty of images to inspire your next flight. Alternatively, check out the DroneFlyers forum, where there are plenty of live conversations across topics from photography software to specific drone models.

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