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Drones age changed rules of war

Over the past 12 months, drone strikes have shifted the trajectory of conflict from Yemen and Libya to the Caucasus. Looking at some of the most prolific powers in the drone world, such as Iran and Turkey, it is clear that the new era of drones has changed the rules …

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World’s biggest drone rules map – Norway Today

World’s biggest online drone rules map Its been about 15 years that drones are now available widely to the public for commercial purposes. With the rise of this new unregulated technology able to fly above our heads, it didn’t take long for the first incident reports to fly in as …

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FAA Proposes to Ease Drone Flight Rules > ENGINEERING.com

FAA Proposes to Ease Drone Flight RulesMatthew Greenwood posted on February 14, 2019 | The Federal Aeronautics Administration (FAA) is proposing new rules that could pave the way for drones to become a more common sight in American airspace. One of the recurring complaints from drone operators is that federal …

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