Speedbird Chooses Elsight Drone Connectivity Solution

Elsight drone connectivityBrazilian commercial drone delivery company Speedbird has chosen Elsight for drone connectivity solutions to enable their fleet.

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Speedbird Aero is an emerging drone industry player, disrupting supply chain technology throughout Latin America and across the globe with industrial and medical drone delivery.  Remote operations and reliable, robust drone delivery systems require reliable and robust connectivity between drone and command and control platforms.  Speedbird has chosen Halo, Elsight’s bonded connectivity solution, to power it’s fleet.  The solution will enable Speedbird to operate beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) for planned parcel delivery services.

Elsight introduced their new business model of connectivity-as-a-service earlier this year: Speedbird represents the first customer under the new business model, which reduces upfront hardware costs.  As BVLOS operations increase in the U.S. and around the globe, Elsight is positioned as a major technology enabler of advanced operations, from remote security services to package delivery and more.

Elsight has already delivered the first order of Halo sets on a contract of at least $72,00 USD and a potential value of $520,000 in 2023.

“This decision by Speedbird to select Elsight as their partner, leveraging the Halo as their BVLOS drone connectivity solution, is another confirmation of the Halo’s capabilities and of Elsight as a tech-enabler for the entire BVLOS drone industry,”says Yoav Amitai, Elsight CEO.  “Halo will ensure complete connection confidence for Speedbird’s commercial delivery drones. Much as Speedbird has begun rapidly expanding their drone fleet and operations, and are expecting to continue this exponential growth, we look forward to receiving orders on a similar scale from Elsight’s other partners in the BVLOS drone industry.” 

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