Sky-Futures launches Expanse Cloud Based Drone Analytics

Sky-Futures, a developer focused on the drone-based industrial inspection market, has announced that their in-house software, Expanse, is now commercially available. Expanse, the drone-based industrial inspection  platform, assists organizations with viewing, understanding and managing their assets.

Sky-Futures clients have been using the software, which has been built, designed and focuses entirely on the vertical infrastructure inspection market, for the past 12 months.


The full enterprise package offer is a complete end-to- end solution. This starts at the Sky-Futures Training Academy for Remote Pilots and inspection engineers and includes Expanse subscriptions which enable analysis and delivery of business critical integrity information in a 3D environment.

Sky-Futures has been a provider of drone-based inspection services across industries for over half a decade; the joint launch of the Expanse software package and the end-to- end drone-based industrial inspection offering is meets the needs of asset integrity management. This enterprise solution supports a range of industries including oil and gas; renewables; utilities; telecoms; bridges and construction.

James Harrison, CEO and co-founder of Sky-Futures said:

As users of the software ourselves, we knew what the key requirements were to make a solid product. Our own engineers and customers made sure of that. We’re excited to launch our Expanse software, enabling enterprise to manage their drone data effectively and inspection companies to professionally organize, analyze, report and present their findings to customers.

Expanse allows clients to securely and efficiently manage their inspection data; managing operations, data analysis and creating intuitive reports accessible to all stakeholders through the cloud. Clients are able to present inspection findings in a 3D environment and reach the deepest level of inspection information in just two clicks. Expanse makes unsurpassed drone-driven data analysis accessible to everyone from single contract inspectors to enterprise with extensive world-wide assets looking for a global view on their drone-based integrity information.

Sky-Futures enable companies to harness the power of drone-driven data collection and analysis by offering an end-to- end solution. Enterprise clients can now access the accredited Sky Futures Training Academy and operational inspection procedures developed over half a decade as part of the end-to- end solution.

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