Measure and DJI Most Recent to Collaborate as Drone Firms Form Alliances

crops_agriculture_dronesIn another indication of a maturing drone industry a trend is afoot:  drone hardware and software manufacturers are aligning to provide end to end solutions UAS users. The most recent was announced yesterday between Measure and DJI. Measure is a US based commercial drone operator of drones and DJI is a leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles. Their partnership pairs UAV technology with operational expertise so commercial enterprise customers meet their goals.

“Our partnership with DJI allows Measure to enhance technical capability and scale business operations across all verticals,” said Measure CEO Brandon Torres Declet. “This alliance will allow our companies and franchisees to be the vanguard of innovation for commercial UAV operations, using DJI’s proven technology and our experienced pilots.”

“Businesses increasingly recognize that having a knowledgeable and experienced operator at the controls is key to using UAV technology most effectively,” said Jan Gasparic, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, DJI. “Measure’s application-specific pilot training and deep knowledge of flight regulation allows them to set the standard for commercial UAV operations in the field. We are looking forward to expanding our successful relationship with Measure, allowing more businesses to perform critical functions faster, safer, more efficiently and at a lower cost.”

A release on the partnership states, “Alongside the service collaboration, Measure and DJI will assist organizations to develop and deploy UAV operations in the fields of agriculture, energy, and media. Organizations will now have a comprehensive partner to explore demanding operations such as spraying with DJI’s Agras MG-1 agricultural drone, or broadcasting live directly from a UAV to a newsroom. This partnership demonstrates Measure and DJI’s commitment to fostering a vibrant commercial ecosystem to accelerate the economic growth and innovation of the drone industry.”

They are not alone in their desire to foster a “vibrant commercial ecosytem.” Earlier this week senseFly and Skyward also announced a collaboration that will couple senseFly’s drones with Skyward’s software.

These announcements reflect the maturation of the industry. Medium to large firms looking to deploy drone technology can acquire it for themselves and go therough the learning curnve etc or now can opt for more turnkey solutions that can save them time. This type of collaboration often occurs as technology (eg PC, smartphones) markets mature. This is a good sign. The value proposition of drone technology to deliver value to industries such as agriculture and construction has been proven. These alliances are a signal that large firms are poised to adopt.

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