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In Honor of March Madness: Drone vs. Basketball

In the US,  for college basketball fans, “March Madness,” is a big part of the year.  “March Madness” is when the top 68 college basketball team in the US meet in the NCAA basketball tournament to determine bragging rights for the top college basketball team in America.

This is a single elimination event  (no best of 3 games here), where the 68 teams will play between Tuesday March 19 to the finals on April 8th.  The “Sweet 16 round” of the remaining 16 teams will take place regionally in New York,  Kansas City, Memphis, and San Jose.

To get everyone in the right frame of mind, here is a very brief video of a somewhat lesser quality level of basketball that pits (significantly younger) men vs. a drone created by Dylan Fox.  Thanks to Dylan and our friends at Airvuz, the largest collection of drone videos on the web.

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