FLIR Launches Thermal Studio Software to Simplify Thermal Im…

Thermal imaging specialists FLIR have long been a part of the drone industry ecosystem. The company has established itself as the provider of thermal cameras to manufacturers including DJI and Parrot.

But the obvious potential of drone-mounted thermal cameras has led FLIR to get more directly involved in the space in recent times. In January, FLIR announced a massive $200m deal to acquire Canadian startup Aeryon Labs. And earlier this month FLIR announced a strategic investment in pilot-on-demand platform DroneBase.

It all adds up to a significant amount of faith and investment in the combination of commercial drones and thermal imaging. And it’s easy to see why; the list of possible applications is a long one: engineering inspections, search and rescue, solar panel surveys, public safety, firefighting and conservation, just to name a few.

Today, FLIR has announced new software to process and analyse thermal imagery. FLIR Thermal Studio is designed to help users manage large sets of thermal images and videos. The target market is thermographers who use FLIR cameras of all types, including those mounted onto drones.

FLIR says its Thermal Studio package has automated processing to streamline workflow and increase productivity.

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FLIR Thermal Studio: The Details

FLIR Thermal Studio comes with new measurement functions, advanced formula capability, and custom analysis templates for professional thermographers.

Importantly, the software allows users to tune entire batches of thermal photos or videos with a few clicks, rather than requiring you to process images individually. 

The idea is drone operators – who often record thousands of images in a single survey – will be able to edit or extract hot spot data quickly before exporting it for further analysis.

Thermal Studio also offers advanced post-processing capabilities so users can gain insights quickly from their data. These include high-sensitivity mode and pixel-binding for enhanced gas visualization from .SEQ and .CSQ files, which can help OGI technicians to identify gas leaks in motion with video.

The software’s advanced measurement functions and coverage calculation ensures predictive maintenance professionals can generate custom reports quickly. 

“FLIR Thermal Studio accelerates even the most complex post-production thermal image and video processing, including multi-source plots and formula computations, multi-format export, and FLIR’s patented Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging, which superimposes visual light details on thermal images,” said an official FLIR Systems statement. 

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FLIR Thermal Studio: Price & Availability

FLIR Thermal Studio is available in more than 20 languages and compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. It can be downloaded as a free trial today and later upgraded to full functionality for $899.

FLIR is offering a $300 rebate for holders of valid FLIR Tools+ and Reporter licenses. For more information about FLIR Thermal Studio, visit the dedicated section of FLIR’s website.

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