DroneDeploy and Skyward Form Partnership to Streamline Enterprise Drone Operations

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 11.25.15 AMPart 107 has provided some relief to large enterprise looking to incorporate drone technology and the benefits it offers into their overall operations. But there are still hurdles. While the regulations themselves are less onerous; compliance with the regulations is challenging. Today at the InterDrone show Skyward announced a partnership with DroneDeploy. The two companies will collaborate on an integrated approach that relieves compliance pain and streamlines overall drone operations. The integration provides the opportunity for businesses across all industries to have seamless access to their DroneDeploy flight plans and logs in Skyward’s operations management platform, enabling increased business efficiency and streamlined regulatory compliance.

As one executive with DroneDeploy explained it to DroneLife, “DroneDeploy seeks to make the sky more productive for everyone. A missing piece has been handling compliance. The Skyward agreement makes for a much easier experience in which compliance is part of the solution equation.”

DroneDeploy’s cloud based software, which is compatible with any drone, provides aerial insights to businesses in a manner that is fast, user friendly and cost effective. Using either an iOS or Android device, pilots can launch a drone, capture data and get professional grade imagery and analysis. The partnership promises a seamless experience for enterprises, from flight planning all the way through to post flight regulatory compliance.

The two firms CEOs had this to say regarding the partnership:

“Enterprises are now seeing a path to scale their drone operations with Part 107. However, regulatory compliance is a major concern. By partnering with Skyward we’re able to offer our customers an enterprise drone solution that helps businesses quickly ramp their drone operations while seamlessly mitigating their compliance risk.” Mike Winn, DroneDeploy CEO and co-founder

“So many of our customers who specialize in industries such as commercial construction and mining have told us that they need better ways to analyze data and quickly produce maps for their clients. Our integration with DroneDeploy solves  this need for our customers, giving them a simple way to manage their entire operation while ensuring safety and efficiency on every job.”  Jonathan Evans, Skyward CEO. “

To kickoff the partnership, both companies are offering discounts: 15% off a Skyward subscription and 10% off DroneDeploy subscriptions. For more information, visit Skyward  or DroneDeploy.

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