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If you have been around the drone industry, you know DroneBase, the leader in connecting drone pilots to great flying opportunities. With three years of platform experience and now with a follow-on investment of $3 million dollars led by savvy tech investor Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures (See TechCrunch story), DroneBase is poised to blow the services market wide open.

DroneBase’s Pilot Program allows drone owners to find local jobs where they can fly short flights, upload their stills and videos and get paid by businesses who are seeking these assets.

“By connecting idle pilots with needy businesses, DroneBase can change flying an unmanned aerial vehicle from a hobby into a profession, equip businesses with aerial data without them having to own drones, and build its business too.”  TechCrunch

Their client list is impressive and includes such companies as Hilton Hotels, Allstate Insurance, Zillow, CBRE and Keller Williams. DroneBase has done jobs in all fifty states and in over thirty countries.

CEO Dan Burton explains “DroneBase is giving Pilots more activities and opportunities to get paid flying their drones with the DroneBase Pilot Dashboard and DroneBase Pilot App. Our new platform features over 1,000,000 commercial activities ready for you and your drone. These missions are simple, take only 10-15 minutes to complete, and are located conveniently near your work or home.”


As part of the pilot platform, pilots are encouraged to download a robust iOS App which allows pilots to identify current jobs in their area.


Burton boasts “For any address in the United States, we can get you drone imagery and data in 48 hours, for almost always under $500.” Many corporations have already come to know that outsourcing their aerial imagery requirements is more efficient and cost effective .  “You spend $100,000 on a fleet of drones and it will be obsolete in 6 months. Why buy the drone when you can get the flights for cheap?”

It’s simple to become a pilot in the DroneBase network:  Download the App and visit the Pilot Program


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