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Drone Mapping: A Podcast with Jono Millin of DroneDeploy

Want to learn about what is going on with Drone Mapping Software?  Check out this podcast with Jono Millin one of the founders of DroneDeploy from our friends at Commercial Drone FM.

Here is how they describe the show:  “Jono Millin is co-founder and Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at DroneDeploy, a software company that specializes in building solutions for mapping business assets with drones. Jono goes in-depth into how DroneDeploy is leveraging computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to augment their in-house photogrammetry pipeline, Map Engine. DroneDeploy is a series C stage, venture-funded startup founded in 2013. The company has pioneered many technologies for aerial mapping and drone operations including Live Map (and Thermal Live Map), a new Counting A.I. module, and the hosts the world’s largest App Market platform for drone data.”





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