DJI Urges UK Pilots to Familiarize Themselves With New Drone…

New drone laws have come into effect in the UK today, restricting drones from flying above 400 feet or within one kilometer of airport boundaries.

More laws are due to come into place later this year. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will at the end of November require UK drone owners whose aircraft weigh more than 250 grams to register and pass online safety tests.

DJI has released a statement to make sure UK drone pilots are aware of the changes coming into force today, which make flying above 400 feet and within one kilometer of an airport a criminal offense.

“Flying drones is fun and the vast majority of drone pilots, whether for pleasure or commercially, already fly safely and responsibly. However there are a small handful of individuals who choose to misuse drone technology and tarnish the reputation of their fellow pilots. These new laws will grant the appropriate authorities more power over a few bad actors and allow responsible users greater freedom,” said Christian Struwe, Head of Public Policy Europe at DJI.

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“Drone technology, despite being very much in its infancy, has already brought numerous benefits to both society and the economy; revolutionising fields such as emergency response, construction, filmmaking, agriculture and conservation, allowing professionals to do more work faster, safer, more efficiently and at a lower cost. With the help of responsible drone pilots we can continue to highlight the power of drone technology.”

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Want to Join NODE?

DJI has also encouraged drone enthusiasts who want a say on EU drone regulations to join the recently launched Network of Drone Enthusiasts (NODE), a new group dedicated to representing the interests of responsible drone pilots across Europe.

NODE’s website will monitor proposed drone regulations around Europe, making it easy for concerned pilots to get involved and tap into a larger pool of supporters to ensure they can work productively and effectively with their elected officials.

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