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Intel Acquires German Drone Company MAVinci
Silicon valley giant Intel has acquired German drone company MAVinci, for an undisclosed price.  At this week’s Commercial UAV Expo, Anil Nanduri, Vice President of the New Technology Group and General Manager of the UAV segment at Intel, said that the acquisition gives Intel a “full portfolio” of fixed-wing and multi-rotor... Read more
The FAA Has a Waiver Problem – and They Know It.
During a discussion panel at this week’s Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, FAA attorney Dean Griffiths revealed Part 107 waiver statistics – and they don’t look good.  As of last month, the FAA had received 912 requests for Part 107 waivers – and had issued 23.  They had disapproved... Read more
What it Takes to Succeed in Drones
Mark Bathrick, of the US Department of the Interior, should know what it takes to succeed in commercial drone business.  He runs a department that is one of the United States’ leaders in use and integration of UAV technology.  His department runs a project managing over 500 million acres and... Read more
wp-image-43354″ src=”×575.jpg” alt=”Commercial UAV Expo” width=”331″ height=”186″ srcset=”//×575.jpg 1024w, //×168.jpg 300w, //×431.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 331px) 100vw, 331px”/>In the world of drone conferences and shows, the Commercial UAV Expo stands out this year – demonstrating that businesses across sectors recognize that drones can be a valuable piece of their operating... Read more
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