AirVuz Video of the Week: Santa’s Village by Drone

Tis the season. From our friends and partners at Airvuz,the largest collection of drone videos on the Internet, check out”Santa Enchanted Forest” from Whofpv.

The Airvuz staff writes:

“Santa’s Enchanted Forest is the world’s large holiday theme park. It has been running for 37 years! We were invited by staff to capture it with a new perspective using our micro drones.”

“He’s one of the best and he’s back at it with this latest cinewhoop upload. Whofpv is taking us out to an amusement park as the sun sets, allowing us to marvel at the incredible lights around the park. This is Santa’s Enchanted Forest, located in Olympia Heights, Florida. The park says that it is the world’s largest holiday theme park and free carnival with over 100 rides, games, shows and attractions. The unique location and flying skills landing Whofpv back on our AirVuz Pilots to Watch list.”

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