Zoumas Picks Winners at Drone Nationals


I was introduced to Steve Zoumas by Liberty Cup Producer Randy Scott Slavin. Steve agreed to answer a few questions for DroneRacingLife.com.  Here goes:

Steve, how did you get into drone racing?

I got into drone racing in December 2014. A good friend of mine that I’ve been doing remote control things with for ages sent me video of these Germans racing through the woods. I went home and ordered an FPV Quadcopter and a set of goggles. Since the first day I put the goggles on and flew I was hooked.

Pretty cool to win the major drone race (Miami Lights)?
It was a great experience to have won Miami Lights for the Drone Racing League. I went in as an underdog and came out a champion. The next couple of weeks and months I was getting invitations for interviews and sponsorship opportunities. All the practice and long nights at the bench paid off.

So drone racing is not a career (yet), what do you do to pay the bills?

I run JNS Contracting with one of my brothers. We specialize in custom homes and construction management. We have been in business for 8 years and have a very good reputation in our area.

Would you like to replace your current job with drone racing (Your brother won’t read this, it’s ok!) ?

If there is a possibility of being a professional drone pilot and I can pay my bills then for sure I would love to. My wife and 3 kids always come first so if I could support them and set them up for the future, then I would love to be a paid professional pilot.

What’s drone racing look like in ten years?

I see drone racing being a professional sport that has big names like red bull, monster energy and electronics companies like Samsung, and apple behind them.

Tell us about your sponsors and out-of-pocket expenses associated with your racing adventures?

Racing drones on a competitive level is definitely an expensive investment. I’m lucky enough to have great sponsors. Ready Made Rc, Shen Drones, Racekraft, and Vuzix stand behind me and make it a lot easier to get to events and build my solid rigs. Even still I will probably spend over $5000-$7000 this year. Between travels and parts now supported by my sponsors. I fly what I believe gives me the best chance to win.

Where can fans see you race in this year?

Before the Drone Nationals, I am scheduled to fly at the North America Cup East in Virginia and the Liberty Cup in Jersey City New Jersey. And after the nationals I’m planning on going to the Drone Champions League inaugural race in Austria.

What’s preparation for the Nationals like for Steve Zoumas?

Preparing for Drone Nationals will be the same as usual. Fly as much as possible. The week prior I’m planning on flying 60-80 batteries a day.


Ok, If I were a betting man (which I am) but couldn’t wager on Steve Zoumas, who should I put my money on in the Drone Nationals?

If I wasn’t in the equation, I would predict three pilots that would be on the podium in any given order. Shaun Taylor known as Nytfury, Zachery Thayer known as A-Nub, and Brian Morris known as Brain Drain. At the end of the day there are a solid 20 pilots in the USA that could all easily be on the podium.

Are you famous in your town of Wading River, New York?

I’m known to a lot of people as the drone pilot. But it’s not as small of a town as one would think. people who know me know that I am a die hard pilot that has made drone racing a way of life. I was recently interviewed by my local newspaper and Long Island news company. So occasionally I’ll get a point of the finger and they will say your the drone pilot. It’s a good feeling.

Let’s jump off the racing talk. Here are some quickies:

Favorite TV Series? Street Outlaws on the Discovery Channel.

Favorite Band? I’m not much of a music guy but I do listen to Howard Stern in my truck.

Favorite Sports Team: New York Rangers.

Thanks Steve. Looking forward to speaking to you after you bring home your next trophy.


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