Where2fly App to Inform and Grow Drone Community

A new app has launched with the aim of building a mutually beneficial community of drone pilots. Where2fly offers users the ability to save and discover new flight locations, helping to answer one of the most common questions on many pilots’ minds: “Where can I fly?” It’s a simple question but remains a challenging problem that plenty of pilots still face.

The Where2fly app allows users to search for recommended flying spots near their location. The more users, the larger the database will grow. With a growing database of decent flying spots, the usefulness of the app as a go-to resource will only improve.


The Where2Fly app shows nearby locations recommended by local pilots.


Users can leave comments and photos relating to specific locations.










Where2fLy is the latest in a trend of community-focused applications available for drone pilots. Earlier this year, DJI released its own social drone platform, DJI+Discover, in an effort to bring together the growing community of its pilots.

Where2fly has been targeted at pilots who want to share their favorite flying spots, as well as pilots who may be planning a trip to an unfamiliar location and want to know the best drone-friendly areas nearby.

Inside the app, once a location has been found users simply tap on it for more information and directions to that site. At the moment, the app has a growing number of users in the California area, and its developers are very much hoping that pilots from further afield will embrace the idea and help get the community off the ground.

Where2fly founder AJ Torres told us that the main motivation behind the app was one many pilots can relate to. “I developed Where2fly because I couldn’t find places to fly my drone safely when on vacation or in an unfamiliar spot,” he said.

“The idea was then to make a platform that allowed its users to create an online community to share safe, fun, and beautiful places to fly, no matter where they were.”

“In order for this app to work, it requires a large number of users to create a substantial database of locations. My hope is that in the coming months and years, the community will grow so that there is a location within 10 minutes of most highly populated areas. In short, by downloading Where2fly, pilots gain access to the community of passionate individuals who want to help others find spectacular locations to fly.”

The Where2Fly app is available now on android and in the App Store.

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