We take a more in depth look into military drones

In today’s world, technology has developed so much that now military drones are used for our safety – whether that’s government use, defence use, public safety & first responders use or commercial use.

What a drone essentially is, is an unmanned aerial vehicle, it is a small aircraft that we can send into the sky to help get different views of a certain situation. Drones vary in size, shape and functionality, meaning they can be used for a whole range of activities, especially military drones.

Military drones are more advanced than your standard consumer ones. They can off real-time full HD data links, use artificial intelligence, carry a 3kg payload and run for up to 85 minutes. Depending on your use there are different types of military drones from a Martlet Mi-1 to a Raptor Sam’s-Hybrid.

To understand more we have taken a look at the military drones from Height Technologies. Keep on reading to learn more about the different military drones on the market.

Martlet Mi-1

To start with, we want to introduce you to the Mi-1, the smallest drone in the Martlet Family. It is engineered for single-operator use and is both lightweight and robust, making it perfect for demanding environments. It’s designed to be silent, dust and rain-proof and can run for 40 minutes before the power runs out.

Martlet Mi-2

The next step up from the Martle MI-1 is the Martlet Mi-2.This is atactical drone that is often used to assist with monitoring high-risk situations where a decision needs to be made quickly. It’s portable, can run for 85 to 55 minutes, has a real-time full HD datalink, and artificial intelligence features and is field-proven, making it a very reliable option.

Martlet Mi-3

When you reach the Martlet Mi-3 military drone, you are looking at some serious tech. This is an extra long-distance drone, that runs for 90 minutes, has a 20m datalink range and a 3kg payload capacity. It can be custom-built if required and it is one-man operational. There are plenty of AI features that can be used to increase effectiveness and protection.

Raptor Sams-Hybrid 

With the Raptor Sams-Hybrid, the entire operation, from the moment the aircraft leaves the ground until it touches down safely on the runway, is completely autonomous. What this means is that you can perform the drone flight remotely without the need for someone to be on-site – even if the weather is at its worst. It’s used for government & defence, public safety & first responders and commercial use. You can secure real-time HD and thermal video feeds, Integrate it with any 3rd party alarm software, and it can be part of your advanced mission planning capabilities.

Military drones are extremely powerful tools, which can be very useful when used in the right scenario. Have you ever used a military drone before? How efficient are they and did you enjoy seeing it in action? Are there any drones that you think we should be adding to our guide above? Let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you.

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