Utility Gifts Drone to Ghana Police

ghanaian-flag-largeGhana’s largest energy company is helping the African nation’s police force shine a light from above on law breakers.

Ghana Grid Company Limited donated a fixed-wing drone (model undisclosed) to the national Ghana Police Service to keep an eye out for rioters during upcoming elections.

Inspector General of Police John Kudalor told All Africa that his department would not have been able to afford the $15,000 UAV had it not been for the donation.

“We know very well that the criminal will always try to outsmart the police especially now that we have a lot of technology around that can easily be used,” said GRIDCO CEO William Amuna. “GRIDCO decided to partner with the police to look at the possibility of using technology to fight crimes.”

“The coming of the drone will enhance crime combat. It will help the police to better spy on criminals in their hideouts to smoke them out before they strike,” stated an editorial in News Ghana.  “If it is possible [to create] a special unit for the drones … to give special attention to drone technology, it will go a long way in keeping the drones safe and well monitored.”

Drone deployment in Ghana has taken off over the past two years. The nation is expected to soon see the biggest deployment ever of drones for a humanitarian aid effort. Spearheaded by the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association and Ausley Associates INC, the effort will provide much needed relief to residents of the country.

The executive of MAMA, Gavin Brown, has been in talks with Ghanian officials for more than a year to create a special delivery system for medicine and other health related products. It takes about 21 days for doctors to deliver test results or medicine to patients in Ghana. This program called the Humanitarian Emergency Logistics Program will deliver test results or vaccines within half a day.

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