Uhuru mocked DP Ruto’s Wheelbarrow initiative, showcased hig…

By Gordon Opiyo via Facebook

President Uhuru yesterday scored a major goal against Hustler Ruto. ….. He ensured that Ruto was there to see the potential of the youth in innovation….. From making machine guns to Drones…….

Then he released Ruto to go back to give youth Wheelbarrows and Mkokotenis…..
Alafu you think that Uhuru does not know what he is doing……….
Mta shangaa….

Jerome Ogola adds:

Jubilee promised a digital revolution but one of it’s two factions has been delivering wheelbarrows instead
Instead of delivering a Silicon Valley akin to that of San Francisco, we see a fleet of mkokoteni being commissioned to bridge the unemployment gap

Yesterday, the other faction of the same party was launching locally made surveillance drones and rifles. At least these are technologically sophisticated appliances, closer to what they promised

Manufacture of weapons is a smart idea. Kenyans love fighting, over nothing, and they seem helpless on this and can’t stop it, because it is embedded in their DNA. There is nothing wrong with that, only that they should advance their weapons of murder
Guns will really help. With one, you shoot and kill, quickly and permanently, someone several meters away. The arrows and machetes we use, are too crude and archaic, forcing a throat surgery on someone screaming and pleading for leniency

We also have a thriving banditry industry in the Northern frontier and a flourishing armed robbery in the city and other towns. They require a steady supply of arms and this is a ready market for our weapons

Just like we propose that corruption be made legal, to allow the government tax it, as a way of benefiting, it is better to look for a way of benefiting from violence, because at the end of the day, it will still happen
As Kenyans use the locally manufactured firearms to kill themselves, the government will be employing the unmanned aircrafts for surveillance and that’s how our economy will grow tenfold

Meanwhile, we agreed that waking up early has never made anyone healthy nor wealthy as alleged in an old nursery rhyme
In this country, the worm doesn’t belong to the earliest bird, but the most corrupt bird. Don’t struggle to wake up any early. It won’t change anything. Sleep until your neighbours think you are dead

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