Thermal Imagery and STEM Education: Check Out FLIR’s Trainin…

As schools, colleges and universities race to include drones into their STEM programs in order to keep up with new demand, resources are often hard to find.  Drones provide a fascinating way to introduce primary and high school students to the sciences: they may provide valuable job training at higher levels.  The technology is developing so rapidly, however, that obtaining training materials and equipment may prove a barrier to entry.  The world’s leading provider of thermal imaging solutions, FLIR, is stepping in to help educate the next generation of industry professionals with  FLIR resources for educational institutions

Qualified educational institutions receive discounts by being enrolled  in FLIR’s Educational Discount Program: and they are significant. Educational institutions can receive  25% off a new E6 or E60 thermal camera, or $200 off a New FLIR C3.  

FLIR is known to many of us as the creator of drone thermal camera such a the FLIR Duo Pro R , has put together a general discounted purchase plan for qualified educational programs at every level: elementary, middle schools,  high school,s and colleges or universities may to purchase thermal cameras and get access to free training videos, lesson plans,  case studies, and other teaching aids.

Below is more information taken from the FLIR website section on training programs.

Labs, White Papers, Training Videos, Discount Packages, and More

FLIR is proud to sponsor the following university resources to promote and assist with the use of thermal infrared technology for R&D / Science based courses focused on classroom and laboratory instruction at universities. These resources include downloadable lesson plans, white papers, application notes, and training videos to aide in students exploration of infrared technology as it relates to the fundamentals of science and engineering. In addition, we’ve also put together infrared camera packages at substantial discounts to help put infrared cameras in students hands and ground these concepts through in class experiments.

Free Downloadable Lesson Plans

The lesson plans are centered around the use of infrared cameras to enhance the learning process within engineering and science courses, such as Thermodynamics, Engineering Physics, and Electrical & Computer Sciences to name a few. You’ll see how infrared cameras from FLIR can help improve in the understanding of challenging concepts such as thermal conduction, convection, and radiation, or frictional forces and the conservation of energy principals.

Academic Discount Packages

In addition, the program includes the ability to purchase FLIR thermal cameras at a significant discount off the list price. These turn key packages coupled with pre–written lesson plans from professors at other well known universities will make it easy to dove tail thermal technology into your existing curriculum.

White Papers, Application Notes, and Videos

FLIR’s opened up their archive of video and white paper content so that students can see firsthand how infrared cameras are useful for solving R&D / Science based applications in the future roles as engineers and scientists. The instructional videos also will expand their understanding of how thermal measurement can be used in industry.

FLIR Systems is bringing the power of thermal imaging to elementary schools, high schools and other educational institutes with the special priced C3 Education Kit.

FLIR C3 Education Kit includes:

  • FLIR C3 thermal imaging camera
  • Tripod mount
  • ResearchIR Software
  • Access to FLIR education content with lectures, experiments and teacher’s guides; check out samples here

This kit is available with an exclusive discount for educators and students. It has been specifically designed as a complementary technology to classroom instruction and student labs.

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