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The Drone Industry is Growing, and So are We: DroneLife Hits…

Sometimes we just have to share.  One of the most exciting aspects of being part of the drone industry is being able to watch it grow – and growing with it.  DRONELIFE published its first post in December of 2013.  In the almost five years since then, we’ve published 5,393 articles (so far!) and we still see more amazing things than we’ll ever have time to report.

2018 has been an incredible year for us.  We’ve had the opportunity to meet many of you while out on the road – and look forward to meeting even more drone industry players in London and Amsterdam before the end of the year.  Last month was our best month ever – from DroneDeploy‘s conference in San Francisco to the European Drone Summit and Intergeo in Frankfurt and DJI’s Airworks in Dallas, the DRONELIFE team hit the road to report on new developments and new growth.

All of those conferences were full of new developments and new drone industry players, as the industry begins to hit its stride.  Here at the site, it was our best month ever.  In the 30 day period ending October 31, 2018, DRONELIFE  more than doubled its web-based audience: both the number of users and the total number of visits for the site more than doubled in the same period (109%), and we had our highest traffic month to date.  Over 70% of our traffic comes from Google search – demonstrating increased interest in the industry.  While the majority of our audience is still US-based, our readership is now truly global, with audience growth around the world.

In addition to the announced increase in web readership, our social media presence has also continued to increase.  As of the end of October, DRONELIFE had a total worldwide Facebook audience of over 134,000 and a Twitter audience of over 37,000.  Subscriber lists have grown along with our web and social media audiences.  Including in our other drone based web properties,  JobforDrones,  DroneFlyers, and DroneRacingLife, our total Facebook audience is over 200,000 and growing.

If you’ve been with us since 2013, thank you, sincerely, for being part of this adventure.  If you are a new visitor, welcome!  We’re happy to have you.  Reach out any time, ask questions, tell us what you think.   Whether it’s lives saved or traffic solved, we are looking forward to seeing what happens next.

DRONELIFE, Inc is a part of SBS Drone Tech, which includes other web-based drone properties DroneFlyers, JobforDrones, and DroneRacingLife.  DRONELIFE supports the commercial drone industry worldwide with clients in the US, Europe, and Asia.





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