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New NYPD tech must involve public discussion

Mayor Adams likes to take on the role of innovator, from the head-scratching, like taking his first paychecks in cryptocurrencies, to the genuinely useful, like his push for a unified portal for city services. That’s also stretched to his other favorite topic, public safety, around which he’s spoken admiringly about …

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NYPD to Test Public Announcement Drones During Emergencies

Climate emergencies, including heat waves, hurricanes, flooding and wildfires are quickly becoming a common staple of American life. If that isn’t dystopian enough, the NYPD announced it’s piloting test drones to fly over at-risk neighborhoods and make public announcements during emergencies.  On Sunday, at the tail end of a weekend …

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NYPD shows interest in ‘pandemic drones’ that outraged Conn….

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New York City’s police department is reportedly considering the use of “pandemic drone” technology to determine if people are infected with coronavirus, even though a Connecticut town has already scrapped its plan due to privacy concerns. Westport residents were successful in stymying plans for a drone that could detect a person’s …

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NYPD reveals fleet of 14 drones

The New York Police Department (NYPD), the largest police force in the U.S., on Tuesday revealed its fleet of 14 drones, saying they will be used to aid policing efforts across the city. “Whether it’s a search and rescue mission, an inaccessible crime scene, a hostage situation, or a hazardous material incident, …

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